What furniture is provided?
Copper Beech Mt. Pleasant offers unfurnished, fully furnished, and upgraded options.  

Standard fully furnished bedrooms come with a standard full-sized bed, large desk and chair, nightstand, and dresser. The living area comes with a comfortable couch, chair, coffee table, and end table. 

Upgraded fully furnished bedrooms come with new memory foam mattresses, new large desk and new chair, new nightstand, and new dresser. The living area comes with a new designer furniture package including a couch, side table, coffee table, and TV console.

Standard townhomes come with a kitchen fully equipped with energy-efficient appliances, a refrigerator with icemaker, dishwasher, breakfast bar stools, and a washer & dryer.

Upgraded townhomes come with brand new stainless steel appliances, new vinyl wood flooring, new modern kitchen cabinetry, new quartz countertops, and new light fixtures.

Are utilities included?
Yes! At Copper Beech, we have a very convenient flat rate utility system set up which includes all the utilities. Please reach out to the community for the specific pricing, as it varies per floorplan.

Is internet included?
Yes! High-speed internet is included in each unit.

Is cable included?
Yes! A full line up of channels is provided through Time Warner Cable. One digital cable box will also be provided for the common area.

Are there washers and dryers on the property?
Every apartment comes equipped with a washer and dryer.

Are meal plans required in Copper Beech?
All apartments come with a full kitchen, which includes a dishwasher, full-size refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. So, you can prepare your own meals without the means of a meal plan. However, meal plans are offered on campus if you are interested in purchasing one.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, we do allow pets. Please contact the office for more details regarding our pet policy.

What’s the difference between Copper Beech lease-agreement and other apartment leases?
We offer individual leases per person, rather than per apartment. This means you are only responsible for your rent payment and not your roommates.

How much does it cost?
Check out the Floor Plans page of our website for current rates.

What if I need maintenance in my room?
Copper Beech has 24-hour maintenance staff. You can request maintenance by email, phone, or in-person at the Clubhouse.

Can I choose my roommates?
Yes. Along with your lease agreement, you will receive a resident profile. You can write in the name of the roommate(s) you would like to live with, and we’ll make sure you are assigned together.

Are any students given preference or priority in Copper Beech?
No. Copper Beech is leased on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, it is important that you lease as soon as practical to secure accommodation for next year.

Can I have overnight guests?
Yes. As long as you have discussed your guest’s stay with your roommates, you can have overnight guests for up to three consecutive nights. Please make sure guests park in visitor parking only.

Can I get out of my lease contract?
Copper Beech does not allow people to get out of their lease agreements. Copper Beech does allow tenants to find someone to take over their lease agreements for them. The responsibility however is that of the tenant to find a replacement. Contact Copper Beech directly to find out ways to make finding a replacement a little bit easier!

Is there parking on site? Do I have to pay to park?
Yes! There is a parking space for every resident in Copper Beech on a first-come, first-serve basis. To top it all off it is FREE!!! (Save your cash for dinner)

Is there a curfew at Copper Beech?
No. Copper Beech is an apartment facility and offers students a lot of freedom in an academic setting. However, residents are expected to behave in a mature, responsible, and courteous manner while living in the community. You are living here with hundreds of other residents!

Can I request a specific room or building in Copper Beech?
Absolutely! We will try our best to accommodate all special requests. These requests can be made on the resident profile as well as the application. Keep in mind that we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis at Copper Beech, so it is not always possible to grant you all of your preferences.

Can I smoke at Copper Beech?
Smoking in the units is considered damage, which is tenant chargeable at move out.

I’m getting ready to move in, what should I bring?
Here’s a list of smart items to get you started: shower curtain, plunger, toilet paper, toilet brush, bathroom mat, toothbrush holder, bathroom towels, mop & broom, vacuum, cleaning supplies, laundry basket, laundry detergent, bedding (sheets, comforter, pillows), hangers, dish towels, sponges, dishes (plates, bowls, cups), silverware, pots & pans, pot holders, dish rack, first aid kit, trash can, coasters, alarm clock, curtains, iron & ironing board, bulletin board or dry erase board, light bulbs.